Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get off the billing train

All I have to say is keep your nose out of my job. I know know to do it and where to go. Things change all the time and I know that I need to verify things. Step off. If I need your assistance in a billing issues I will ask you for any information. After that you need to step off and let me handle it. Not all projects go smoothly and there will always be clean up on billing and that is what I do. You do provisioning and make sure everything is installed correctly. Step out of the billing ring. Out of 200 plus locations 27 having billing issues is nothing especially since part of the issue was the other group not disconnecting their circuits. That was out of our groups control. So put your big girl pants on and let the people who know what to do on billing do it. We see the bills and know what to do. If you feel the need to clean it up then you can take over and pay some of them. I would gladly share. Ok I would put up a fight because I like to do billing.

Now that I vented I feel better. It's much better than eating or going off on the person who needs to get off the billing train.

Until next time have a laugh.

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