Monday, April 9, 2012

Golf carts

There is nothing like taking 2 kids around 5 acres of land on a golf cart. They would scream when going down a little dip in the grassy area on my dad's property. Then they'd laugh there heads off and ask to go around again. The 2 kids are my cousins kids. This is the stuff I would do growing up. But of course we didn't have as much land since I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. But my parents knew people who had snowmobiles when I was under the age of 13. Then we got a 4 wheeler. Back then I wasn't a fan but now I would love to have one.

Of course just because I grew up in the suburbs didn't mean my dad didn't find a way to make things happen. When I was about 10 we had a pool party atmy house. Well a good friend of my parents has just bought a jeep. The one that had a roll bar and all that. Well my dad and my aunt's husband decided to take 3 of us for a ride. It was my younger cousin, my younger brother and I. Dads being dads didn't make us wear seatbelts, so we take off and my dad sees an empty lot and decides to drive through it. It was a lot of fun until I went flying up and hit my head on the roll bar. Boy did that hurt. To this day my dad feels bad about it.

To this day my brother, cousins, and I wonder how we survived. I say it's because my dad believed in the power of duct tape.

Until next time don't forget the duct tape.

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