Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tea, storms and a good book

Storms are scary sounding at times but are also very peaceful. It is like the storms pushing all the negative energy away and leaving only the good positive energy behind. The smell of a storm is good too. There is nothing like it. Plus, there is a calm before the storm. Everything taking shelter then slowing coming out after the storm has past and no sign of it returning. Everything looks and feels so fresh. Playing in the rain is fun too. Plus, it's cheaper then buying a pool.

Tea and a book is very relaxing. Add a bath to that and it's downright heavenly. If everyday started like that the world would be a much better place. Well if everybody found something relaxing to do in the am before starting their hectic days This morning I started the day off with a cup of Peets Green Peony tea and a book. Come to think of it a Pepsi and a book is wonderful too. Part of it is being disconnected from the electronics that have creeped into almost every inch of our lives. It was a very peaceful day. It was glorious.

Until next time keep on drinking tea.

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  1. I also should have been listening to Celtic Women. That would have added another level of relaxation.