Thursday, April 26, 2012

More things I would love to say

Yep I'm the favorite. Oh wait I say that already.

Sometimes I think your working a drama TV show with all the shit you start.

Excuse me, where you talking to me or your other personality?

I know I'm a little strange but what's your excuse?

Nope speeding past me on your motorcycle doesn't do a thing for me other than laugh at how coll you think are but not.

Do you really think I care?

Get off your ass and do your job?

The only excuse is that you'd rather make them up to make yourself look better then tense who actually do something.

Yep life sometimes sucks donkey balls. Pass them around with dipping sauce and move on.

Did that last one freak ya out? It freaked me out.

Yep I'm a blonde and I have more fun.

Nope really don't want to hear your conversation on your cell phone during a movies or while shopping.

Until next time keep on chuckling.

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