Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I fell in love that I started selling

Years ago a friend started selling Gold Canyon Candles. I loved thlem because their scents were wonderful and burned through the entire candle. Plus they use a high quality wax. Two years ago I was looking to make a little extra money so I singed up under her to become an Independant Fragence Consultant. I am glad I did it. It has been so much fun. Of course with the slow economy it has been slow in sales but I am enjoying it.

The other thing I love is purses and have ever since I was a teenager. Of couse I have my favorite brands like Coach and Michael Kors. But I also found Maddy Moo Creations which are handmade clothe bags and purses made in the United States. I found them about a year ago and fell in love. So I decided to become an Independant Design Consultant. The purses are so well made and you can pick you style and fabrics. It's an awesome company.

With both I will do open houses, in home parties, vendor events and will meet with people one on one to pick out candles or purses. Both of my sites are listed below.

This make my life more interesting and I get to meet wonderful people

Gold Canyon Candle

Maddy Moo Creations

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