Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going shopping Aka lost

Years ago my friend and I would tell her mom we needed to go shopping. The only catch was that my friend made sure the kids were in bed and she'd watch them. We were in our mid to late 20's when this started. We did actually start out shopping but then we would drive around for awhile after that. We would get back to the house and her mom was like what you do get lost. We were like we're shopping. After a year or two of this we would just say we were going to get lost. It was a lot of fun. We would drive around talking about things. We talked about current things and things from our past She is one of the few people that truly knows me. Even now after not talking for years. We may have wasted gas but it was a lot of fun and we blew off a lot of steam. It would be good to do today but with gas prices it would be a little nutty. But I would do it again.

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