Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Really it takes this many paramedics to put a band aid on?

How many paramedics does it take to put a band aid on a toe?  Yes, a toe.  It takes 4.  How do I know you ask?  Because I was at the taste of Roselle this past weekend and I tripped and fell and cut my toe open.  So as I stood there bleeding a cop stopped by was like do you need first aid.  Umm I probably do where is it so I can walk over there.  He’s like I’ll have them come over so you don’t have to walk.  So here come 4 paramedics with their bags.  Ok, well since you hotties are already here go ahead and put the band aid on.  Maybe I need some mouth to mouth along with that band aid.  Good thing it wasn’t that bad I didn’t need to make a trip to the ER.

Now mind you I have been going to the taste of Roselle for 34 years and the worst thing I had ever done was belch really loud after have a few beers when I was 23 or so.  What?  These things happen when you drink fast carbonated drinks

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