Friday, August 11, 2017

Not the momma the Auntie at the pool

Highlight of the week was the pool with the niece and nephews. Aloysius the 11-year-old was off with his friends causing some sort of commotion.  Actually, the only commotion was him picking on a girl and I asked if she was his girlfriend and he said no he just likes to annoy her.  His way of saying he liked her.

Hortencia hung out with me and Bubba a lot.  Bubba being only 4 was a little leery if the slide that had sprayers on the starts and the slide.  I had to stand on top of the steps and help him up when he got the to the sprayers.  Now mind you that water isn’t the warmest coming out of there.  The goofy kid was fine going down the slide through that sprayer.  So I was like I am gonna hobble right down and stand in the sun and work on my tan without being cold.  Keep in mind I was still recovering my trip visiting the sidewalk on Saturday at the Taste of Roselle.

Then, Bubba kept going back and forth between calling me auntie and momma.  I was like I’m not the momma I’m the auntie.  After a while I realized it was a losing battle with a 4-year-old. Especially since I watched him his first year when his parents worked.

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