Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New month peeps. Get some patience.

Some days I just wonder about people.  You let them know something is temporally out of stock and they automatically assume it is discontinued.  Hello, did I say anything about it being discontinued?  No I did not.  Just like when a self-checkout says it doesn’t accept cash.  Duh let’s put our cash in anyways and wonder why it doesn’t give change back.  People get your heads out of your asses or out of your friends’ asses and pay attention.  I mean really you are the same people who will complain about everything little thing that goes wrong.  Either that or your keep head in the sand.  Maybe you’ll find some crabs.

People if you get transferred to a department why the heck wouldn’t you leave a voice message.  Do you sit around and wait around for people to call you and do you get off a call just to answer another call?  Does this piss off the person you’re talking to when you say sorry I have to stop helping you because I have another call?  No, you finish your conversation and call the other person back.  So what is do hard to understand that others aren’t always available.  That is why there is voicemail.

Have a little patience people and learn to deal with things.  Like having to leave messages or waiting in a line at a store.  Not everything is instant gratification.  

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