Thursday, July 13, 2017

What was I thinking in those earlier blog posts

Not sure what my sparkly self was thinking years ago.  I started looking back at my blog and thought what the heck was I thinking.  Now I know I can have typing errors.  Sometimes they make the story funnier.  Like when I say bust instead of must.  Other times it’s just painful to read.  Plus, the fact that my posts were really short and boring.  I am not sure if anyone has gone back to read the blogs in the beginning or not but I’d avoid it.  Or if you want go ahead and see what could make you laugh or cringe.  From the views lately some peeps are reading the blogs.  So I must have been doing something right.

There are still a few that make me chuckle.  Like how long it took me to get out of the house with a baby.  Most people can get out in less than a day.  Those people are called parents not Aunties.  Of course I could go back and add more confetti to the posts but that would take some of the charm out of them or it would make them glitter more.

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