Monday, July 24, 2017

Things that cannot be unseen-wet tightie whities

This weekend the boyfriend and I went down to one of beaches in the city.  Now if your familiar with Chicago you may know that not all the beaches have sand.  The one we stopped at just had a big slab of cement that you could jump off of into the water and there were ladders that you could use to climb out of the water.  Well we grab our cooler and walk down we see someone swimming and don’t think much about it until he climbs out of the water in his underwear and walks to his stuff.  I’m thinking why the hell are you wearing white underwear when you went swimming.  You should have kept your shorts on because no one wants to see your junk.  Then he proceeds to ask us if we have a cigarette.  Really dude I really don’t want to be talking to you while you’re in your wet tightie whities.  Se we walk a little way down from him and we get settled and I happen to glance down to see if we can see the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier and all I saw was his naked butt.  It’s not like this guy was some Greek god or even semi good looking.  So keep your shorts on while swimming.

My head is still shaking in disbelief of the whole incident.

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