Thursday, April 27, 2017

One duck, 2 kids, and a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago

Growing up as kids my brother and I had a few pets.  The one of the first was a duck my uncle got me for Easter.  Yes, a duck.  What doesn’t everyone who lives in Chicago have a duck?  The duck lived in my brother’s playpen.  What he was almost a year and didn’t need it.  Of course, we also lived in a 2-bedroom apartment on the third floor.  My mom would fill up the bathtub and let it swim in there.  Since my aunt, uncle, cousins lived across the hall it had even more room to roam.  They had a gate to keep us kids upstairs so the quacker wasn’t going to go too far.

Then came the hamsters and they were squirmy little boogers.  They would get loose and get lost in the apartment.  Maybe it was me taking them out and letting them run throughout the apartment.  I was 4 and just wanted to play with it.  My mom, dad and various other family members would try to locate it.  After that we moved and we started get other pets like cats, fish, dogs, frogs, birds, and lizards.

Now not all were with us at the same time.  At some point some of the pets got lost in the house or were temporally misplaced outside (aka ran away or took a ride with a pizza delivery guy).  Yes, the cats would hitch rides with the pizza guy or the dog would jump in the pool.  But those are stories for another time as we didn’t have normal pets.

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