Monday, April 3, 2017

The blonde gets lost

Blonde moment of the weekend.  So I had an event this weekend at Courtyard Banquets.  So I type in the address in my GPS and go on my happy blonde self.  Well I hear the GPS say you have arrived at your destination and I’m not seeing it.  I’m like where the heck is the hotel.  See I got myself confused because it didn’t register that it wasn’t the Marriot Courtyard.  Yup so I need to read all my stuff too.   But also in my blonde defense someone else did the same thing.  I ended up getting there with enough time to set up my table and put my makeup on.  People always look at me funny when I apply my makeup at a vendor event.  I don’t do it on a regular basis but once in a while I like to so people can see how the 3D lashes come out.  Sometimes I can sell a few more lashes that way.  So I works out when I run a little late.

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