Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The lost blonde sucked into work vortex aka life

I have been sucked into the work vortex.  I cannot remember my last day off or if I have even have a name.  But somehow I have managed to watch a bunch of shows on Netflix.  I walk around mumbling random things about vibrators and walking around with a bowl of goldfish.  Lack of sleep and too much work will do that.  In the end the money will be good and someone else can blog about my craziness because I’m sure some of it is pretty funny.  I’m just grateful I sell Younique so I can still look good while being 100% exhausted. 

Who ever thought of this work thing?  Because some days it is over rated.  Maybe because all I do is work.  If we all had an endless bank account that would cause a whole mess of things.  But to have enough money for house, food and the other basic items would be good.  I could work for the vacations and the fun stuff.  Heck I would stand on my head and fart sprinkles and confetti for that.

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