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Monday, December 24, 2012

The house and kid free

The house is now starting to look normal. No more stepping on crayons and legos while trying not to swear like a monkey. This will only will stay clean for today as tomorrow the kids show up again only to destroy it yet again. I do not think I was this messy as a child but what do I know I never cleaned up after myself when I was 4.

So tomorrow it will be back to stepping on things and the famous question of Why to everything. But life would be pretty boring for a childless adult if they didn't show up and cause major destruction in my life. For the parents of these kids it must be pretty funny watching me handle the kids. I return them with no broken bones, maybe a bump or two from letting them jump on the bed like monkeys. But I keep them safe and when in public keep them very close so the crazies don't take them. With the never ending Whys only family could handle it.

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