Saturday, December 8, 2012

One thing you hope never happens

My friend and I went shopping today for our annual Xmas shopping trip. So we were unsuccessful at finding presents for our loved ones. I did buy my annual purse. Which happens almost every year. This year it was a Michael Kors bag. Then I bought stuff I needed like a coat and underwear. Of course no trip is complete without Godiva chocolate. So I had my chocolate covered Oreos. Big mistake. Then my stomach started acting up an hour later. After 2 trips to the restroom. We hit the road to drop off a candle. Right before we got to the house my stomach acts up. We head towards Wendy's a few blocks away and I don't make it. I had to throw out my underwear. I also had to text my friend to ask her to bring me a pair of underwear. It was gross but also funny at the same time.

It is something you hope never happens. It's embarrassing when it does but you laugh years down the road.

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