Monday, December 17, 2012

Ahhhhh how many days do I have left?

I don't have enough days left to finish everything. It's not like it came up behind me and said surprise and threw confetti all over. The holidays come the same time every year and yet I don't plan very well. I still have cards to do, shopping and decorating. Really it's the 18. What the heck was I thinking. I know I was working and then organizing and donating things.

Do other people start everything in May to get it all done. Really these villages are so big that a whole town can live in them. Heck a few towns can live in them. Back to the organized people. I have seen some houses with lights on all year. Maybe I should leave my decorations up. I could put up and leave it up. The snow would never melt because it's painted on. It's the perfect winter wonderland all year round.

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