Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goodbye old junk, hello new junk

Why is that as I get rid of stuff more comes in? It like all the junk knows there is room in the house and finds a way in. Hello i am trying to get rid of junk not become a hoarder. Let me just say that I am no where near being a hoarder. Well maybe of candles but I sell those so I have about 6 boxes behind my coach.

Of course not having a basement is probably a good thing at times. At other times it just sucks donkey balls. I have a 2 car garage and that is where a lot of things are stored. i have it lined up along one wall of the garage. Now mind you it's a 2 car garage and it is hard to get 2 cars in there, but somehow we do.

it's nice to get junk but it's better to give away junk you don't use. i say junk in the nicest way. I don't think all my stuff is junk it is just my way of being funny about.

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