Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things my nieces and nephews say

The things that come out of kids mouths crack me up. Last fall I was at the corn with my family. I was in the bouncy thing with my 5 year old nephew and 3 year old niece, when the 5 year old asks me if I had a butt crack. All I could so is laugh for a minute before answering yes. Then we went back to jumping.

Back when I 18/19 I was babysitting and the kid was potty training and would not have a bowel movement on the toliet. He would always ask for a diaper. Well I asked why he always wanted one and he said with a straight face I am afraid because it floats. I said there is nothing to be afraid of that is normal and it is what is supposed to do. Then I went into the other room and laughed.

On my 41 birthday I was playing tag with my niece and nephew and I was it. My 5 year old nephew says "auntie Kelly I want to give you a hug.". I was like ok and I bent down and he comes over and leans in and yells "tag your it.". I stood there like hello I'm already it and I just got suckered. It was pretty funny.

I was in the kitchen at my brothers house with my 3 year old niece when my 5 year nephew calls me from the bathroom saying auntie the toliet is broke. I walk to the bathroom with my niece in tow to see my nephew standing there with just his shirt on and the toliet filled with water. So I grab the plunger and start plunging when my nephew proceeds to tell me I am supposed to flush first then plunge. I'm thinking flushing all the bodily stuff and toliet paper got us in this mess. Well I unclog the toliet and proceeded to tell him if you poop first flush the poop then wipe then flush the toliet paper and if you need to wipe more than flush again. I had to laugh as that was the same lecture my brother and I got when my brother and I were kids.

On June 3 we landed in Orlando and on the bus to our Disney resort when the driver said we are entering Disney property and my nieces response was can we get off now.

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