Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really cousin La

So a few weeks ago my cousin asked me to come and stay with her kids who are 11 and 14 so they don't beat each other. Her and her husband have a charity event coming up and wanted a referee. So I was like sure perfect time to take them to play video games.

Well come to find out its a fashion show that my aunt and step mom are going to. I called my cousin was like really I get to stay home with your kids and not go out and have fun. She said they were invited after I was asked to be the preventer of pain. Ahh ok makes sense. Then I was like ya know what I'm not much into fashion so I'd probably have more fun with the kids. She agreed. Plus this gives me time to make me realize I'm glad I am kidless. No offense to those with kids. Heck I can relate to them more then most adults.

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