Thursday, October 4, 2012

No bridesmaids dresses but have undergarments

That's right I am standing up to a wedding on October 20, 2012 and I have no bridesmaid dress. We went in April and thought they were going to be ordered. But no they were ordered a month later and we have been told numerous stories. I for the record being in 7 weddings(not my own) said we needed to go in March.

So today I went shopping for undergarments. So I at least have spanx and a bra. That will look great 20 years from now when my friend is showing her kids her wedding pictures. They'll be like hey mom and dad didn't you pick out dresses or did you want your bridal party in their underwear.

Did I mention I am too old for this? At least I think I am at 41. But I couldn't let my friend down.

It should be interesting dancing in just a bra and spanx. As long as the spanx don't go flying off because of all the junk stuffed into them.

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