Friday, March 10, 2017

Ducks, squirrels, monkeys and Bon Jovi

Some people have their ducks in a row, I do not.  Squirrels, who knows what mine are doing and I am nowhere near a circus with monkeys to claim they are not mine.  If I had a circus it would have drunk monkeys in it.  They would probably escape and roam around throwing sprinkled donuts at everybody.  I think I have cute puppies and fairies sprinkling fairy dust all over to keep everybody else’s drunk ass monkeys away from me and my peeps.  As far as other people’s squirrels, they appear to be afraid of my purple sparkly squirrels so they stay far away from mine.

What I do have, is Bon Jovi tickets for their show in Chicago at the end of march.  But there will be no squirrels taking my attention away from the show or drunk monkeys throwing pudding around.  Because it is Bon Jovi of course and everybody’s attention will be on the band.  Heck at this point all of us fans can put on a concert for them as we know all the words.  So all you people please leave your monkeys and squirrels at home.  They can throw balls there at each other.

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