Saturday, February 4, 2017

The birthday month

So my birthday month has started.  This year I am turning 46.  I don't mind sharing my age at all.  It's a number and I have learned a lot over the years as well as done a whole lot.  So this week the new person at work asked if I and my 57 year old boyfriend wanted to go to dinner with her, her boyfriend, and their friends.  Now mind you I have a lot of friends that range in age.  But I barley know her and she's turning 23 2 days after I turn 46.  Her plan is to go out and get hammered.  Which is fine at that age, but I am not into that.  I want a nice relaxing dinner with my close friends and family.  So I nicely declined all the while chuckling to myself.  Only because why would a 23 year old want to go out with middle aged people they barely know.

So later in the week I said to another coworker I am going to go clubbing for my birthday.  Now mind you this person I have know almost a year is about 27 years old and he gets my weird humor.  So this girl chimes in and starts naming off clubs and says she would be more that happy to go with me.  Um really if you paid attention to conversations you would know I stopped going to clubs years ago.  But ok lets run with this.  So it started going on with other people suggesting clubs all the while this other person and I are just chuckling.  Hey gotta have some fun right.

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