Friday, February 24, 2017

The power of blonde

People don’t underestimate the power of the blonde.  I know more of what’s going on than you think you little 23-year-old.  I have learned how to handle and deal with it in my own way.  In other words, I don’t deal with drama and the more drama filled you are the more I don’t talk to you or I call you out on it.  So you may think I’m bitchy or stand offish but it works for me so I’m pulled into useless bullshit.

Whether your post was supposed to be funny or not and you take it down it looks a little funny.  The post was from a person in her early 20’s, about someone being sick and coming back to work then the boss saying that’s what we like you throw up, shit and come back.  What are you afraid someone will call you out on your medical bullshit that you cannot keep straight.  I think you are because since you have started you haven’t work more than 3-4 full weeks out of what 8.  Hey little girl, yes little girl because you still have a lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do acting like you do does get noticed and will not get you far in life.

Now I understand that not all 20 year olds mature at the same rate, but if you are working in an office and trying to get ahead in the world don’t talk like you’re in high school and don’t be involved in drama.  Listen to what others have to offer.  Listening doesn’t mean you have to take their advice but you will learn a whole hell of a lot more that may help you down the road.  Hey it’s your life and if you want to learn the hard way then fine but don’t come asking me questions then going somewhere else to verify what I just said.

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