Saturday, February 25, 2017

The pens are taking over

Little by little I have been organizing and going through things.  My boyfriend is always like take care of the big things.  I pointed out that the last of the big things was the kitchen table that is too big for the kitchen.  Well, we cannot get rid of it until we find another smaller one.  So I started going through the closets only to find we have 1 million pens.  Ok maybe its closer to 150 pens.  It was like the pens were multiplying while we were sleeping.  I think they were having pen weddings and starting having pen sex and having families.  There were pen villages starting and even a pen airport was built so they could travel to other houses.

But really how pens do 2 people need.  So I came out with a box of pens and went through the ones I would use at home and ones I would take to work.  I figure it'll take me years to go through all these pens and my then there really could be 1 million pens in this 2 bedroom apartment.  So I'll take some to work to use and donate some to church.

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