Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween-The Halloween Letter

Billy Bob has taken his comedy tour back out to the depths of the ocean.  Literally, he has been entertaining the sharks, shrimp, and seaweed across the oceans.  He even has a great following in the Antarctic Ocean.  His sister Ursula has finally has had success with her crops on her orange farm in Alaska.  The oranges look like tire wheels, the turnips and Brussel sprouts are shaped like q-tips.  The only way to tell what they are is by the color. 

The twins, Agnes and Augustus have been doing great with the butterflies and roses in Antarctica.  They are in full color now and the penguins and seals are now running thru the fields of roses chasing butterflies.  They also love that they can also get their hair done and their cars repairs since the twins have finished their online classes. 

Buck the golden retriever is still going strong with his fish grooming business.  He has hired more fish and some fleas to help him groom on Mars and has also opened a shop on Pluto.

Skippy the Iguana has given up his garbage and recycle project in space.  He has decided to go the moon and help the man on the moon process cheese to send to other galaxies since they appear to love moon cheese.

The dirt farm has been a wonderful investment.  People from all over the universe have come to get the dirt and flour that I produce.  Some use it for their projects to build space ships and snowmen.  Others want it to start their own dirt farms.  All in all it is working out.

Now I’m off to chase the fuzzy bunnies and chairs to make sure they are joining the circus or the underwater gymnastics team.

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