Monday, October 17, 2016

Good thing I can post these here

Some days duct tape cannot fix stupid.  Then they should just be fired or shipped off to space.

What’s the point of a debate if one person is going to mudsling causing the other to defend themselves and mudsling back?

Keep talking softly, so I have to ask you to repeat yourself multiple times.  Then I’ll talk softer so you don’t know if I’m talking at all.

The presidential race would be more interesting if it was like TV shows survivor or big brother.  Last person standing wins.

Yes, I have a sparkling personality that has a weird, dry sense of humor.  If you don’t like it then suck donkey balls.

You want normal please leave the planet and visit Uranus.

Come on people the shirt only comes in 1 color why are you so indecisive on the colors?  Take or leave it.

The hard drive in my brain is full please and it is not accepting any more drama or bullshit.

Really, you just started working here Ms. Know-It-All.  So zip it. Thanks!

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