Friday, October 14, 2016

The things that pop into my head

Oh peeps the brain isn't working. I think there are some gold fish swimming in my head. I wonder if they'd like a steak dinner.

Rode my hamster wheel aka the bike and wouldn't you know it 7 four year olds passed me. And they were only walking.

If only I could wear a long skirt and a big blouse with a lot of necklaces and bracelets. Then add the big 80's hair. What a great look that would be?  I could be leader of the 80's gypsies.

Yep I can blink my eyes and make stuff happen. You can't see it because it's in my head.

Now where did I leave my eyes?

Who thought getting my ears pierced 5 times was a good idea. I should have pierced my hair 5 times.

Blue mascara was awesome. I need to find it so I can wear it with my skirt and big blouse.

So if the world is round do we really walk straight?

If the world was flat would there be a fence to stop things from falling off the edge?

One day the one blonde brain cell will multiply.  When it does watch out something stupid funny may happen.

The fish have moved on to a new fishbowl.  Maybe more blond brain cells will multiply since the fish are gone.

Purple cats don't like to be chased by lime green monkeys.

I do not think I have ever seen a purple cat, unless it fell into a pitcher of grape Kool aide.

Blinking my eyes does not make magic happen, it is done with my nose.

I'm very adorable and cuddly. Just ask the willow tree over there.

Saying, go suck donkey balls, is a lot funnier to say then go to hell.

When I buy a new car I think it should be bubble wrapped for the first year.

Good thing about having an elephant in your house making a mess, he can also clean it up by knocking it down.

Heads have enough holes in them to be bowling balls.  Just take some sandpaper and sand down the nose and ears.

One word meow, it must be a pretty boring conversation.

Nah, I'm not strange I'm eccentric and I'm fine with it.

Does an elephant get another trunk when he goes on vacation or does he pack the one he has?

There are monkeys are in my head eating popcorn and watching movies.

Stop sucking my blood you vampire. You have your own so drink it.

My DVR is hoarding the TV show Hoarders. I think it needs an intervention.

Ever see an ant and an elephant play leapfrog. Me neither.

I have so much sparkle that when I fart, I fart sparkles.

Purple sparkles come out when I blow my nose.

Sparkles, Sparkles, and more sparkles.  They make everything prettier.

The ant and elephant playing leapfrog is still on tour.

There’s a new tour of the year, a bee and a horse singing a duet.

I think there should be a tour of bees buzzing.  I’m sure they have some good hits.

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