Friday, May 27, 2016

Wake up and smell the coffee

I’m still walking around shaking my head and being blonde.  People will sit there and make political comments and look for reactions.  I rarely react because it’s usually a no win situation.  Someone gets aggravated or their feelings hurt.  People don’t want to let others talk and then only hear part of what they said and never truly hear what the other person’s side is.  I usually step away and let others get into it.  I know what I believe in and do what I think is right. I do not go out breaking laws to get my point across.  I volunteer within my community to help out where things are not getting done or in areas that need more help.  I found it’s much easier.


People if you want to make a difference go out and volunteer.  If you don’t see any organizations to help, then go and start one.   Heck you can even help a friend or a family member.   It’s not hard to help out.  Talking doesn’t always help but actions do.  If we all do a little thing to help in our own community it will go pretty far and it will spread out from there.  I have volunteered at a church helping the homeless since 1997.  I ended up joining the same church in 2005.  Now don’t get in an uproar you do not need to join a church to volunteer.  Most churches welcome anyone to volunteer.  Volunteering is the best feeling in the world. 


So what are you waiting for?  Go for it and step outside of your box.  It won’t hurt you or anyone else.  It will only make you feel better and seeing how it affects other people is the most amazing thing ever.  

Wake up and smell the coffee and go do something. 

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