Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moving and purging

The entire moving process is stressful and motivating.  I have been purging a lot and realize that the material things are not that important.  For a few years now I have thought about getting rid of my yearbooks.  But with people telling me I shouldn’t and me waiting to hold on to material things, it has stopped me.  Well I am finally going to do it.  Part of me didn’t want to just give them to just anyone like the high school I went to.  So I am going to give them to my best friend of 33 years.  We went to school together and somehow she lost hers over the years, when I see her next they will be passed along.  The memories are nice and I can still visit the yearbooks when I want.  I worked out visitation rights.  Who am I kidding she’ll let me see them whenever.  We will probably be together anyway and be laughing our heads of at how we looked back in the 1980s.


Purging has felt good and sad.  Things are just things, but the memories last a life time.  In time I’ll scan in pictures into the computer and get rid of those.  Who knows if I’ll be able to scan in pictures from when I was a kid but I’ll at least have the ones from when I started taking pictures in my teenage years.  I am grateful for digital because they are already on my computer.


Don’t get me wrong material things can have memories but pictures also hold memories and don’t take up much space.  For me I just want things I use and not things to collect dust.  I have spent years collecting things because they were nice or they held a memory.  Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but I’d rather spend time with people then sitting in a room full of stuff.


I have known people that have both had a lot of stuff and didn’t have a lot.  I understand both sides and while it has been hard to get rid of things it has become easier because over the years.  Items that have had provided a lot of enjoyment like my Christmas Village I gave  to close friends.  They also have Christmas Villages so I knew they would enjoy having more pieces and I would still be able to enjoy when I visited them at the holidays.


All in all I am feeling better about getting rid of things.  Some things that I don’t have any attachment have been easy to get rid of.  Other things not so much but those things are things that were handmade either by my grandfather or his father.  I’ll hang onto those things and when I don’t have a need or want them any longer I’ll pass them down to family.

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