Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is there a thing as being on time when you watching a baby?

I don't know how parents do it.  I watch an 11 month old baby and it takes me forever to get out of the house.  It takes me just as long to get out of the house as my cousin who has 3 kids.  Really all I need is the baby and diapers.  The baby can eat basic plain food like a hamburger or chicken.

I am a 43 single female dating a 55 year old man.  Seriously, it takes me an hour to get out.  I have to let the dog out, go to the bathroom, change the baby's diaper, make sure the diaper bag has everything, and load him in the car seat.  Once we are out we are good.

Of course, the stroller is always in the trunk because I never know when I will need it.  Plus, sometimes the stroller wins and I cannot get it in the trunk.

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