Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dog hair and me

So I go to pick up my cousin's dog yesterday from the kennel.  They had been on vacation in Florida and were coming home late last night.  So I bust Cooper out and he was thrilled.  Well, his bedding was being washed.  OK I tell them, I'll swing by tomorrow pick it up for my cousins.  I load up the 3 tooth wonder which takes me all of 5 hours now to load up and the bedding is still in the wash. Actually it hasn't even been washed.  So I take it and wash it for them.  At this time it's holy moly allergy flair up.

Yea, ok blondie did you forgot the allergies to dogs.  I'm if I pet them and wash my hands right away but not when I'm loaded with dog filled blankets and bedding.

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