Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oh yea its go time!

Oh yea, its go time.  I just love how things come together and take off.  Then people look at you like duh why are you doing that.  Hello you weren't interested when I first talked about it.  Oh wait what's the saying.  That's right you snooze you loose or too bad so sad.  Can't say you weren't warned or told.  I can be like a little kid at times.  Why not being an adult cannot always be all about responsibility.

But on a bright note I'm still bright and chipper.  Who knew that I could be without drinking coffee.  Yes, I said without drinking coffee.  I am not a coffee drinker and never have been.  I might have been if I had kids, but then I'd be doing shots after they went to bed too.  So the coffee in the morning would be a must in order to function.

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