Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No one on Facebook cares

I am beginning to rethink Facebook.  The crap that people post about their lives that just shouldn't be aired on Facebook.  Some things should just never be posted at all.  Its like they have no live friends and feel the need to air it all.  I stopped watching soap operas years ago.  I think some people just look for the attention then make everybody else look like shit just so they can feel better about their crappy life.

My advice is get a life that involves real people and real contact.  It might help you a little in life, like when your 76.

That's why people think they know me but they don't.  They think I live a perfect little life.  Oh wait I don't feel the need to air it all.  So I'll keep letting people think I have a perfect life with a purple rhino living in my bathtub.

Now it's off to the snail races.

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