Sunday, March 24, 2013

Really. Politically correct. That's insane your an adult deal with some shit.

Political correctness is nuts. Soon there will be nothing anyone can say because no one can deal with anything. It's like we are taking away people's common sense. I have enough common sense to know what I can and cannot say. I have big girl pants on and can deal with whatever I am supposed to be called because I am an overweight white female who's 42.

I have no issues stating my age or weight. For me it is not embarrassing or anything. I think it's more about respect than being politically correct. Sometimes reality is reality and you just have to call trash what it trash.

Not to mention Christmas is Christmas. Yes, it's a holiday but so is Easter and Hanaukkah. If your not Christian or Jewish have respect and not have issues with it. Especially if you want people to respect your beliefs. Get over the politcal correctness.

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