Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yep. More things I'd like to say.

If you smile back at me what do you think will happen? I don't think your face will crack.

Yep, I think if I knock on your head it'll be hallow.

Please go back to your home planet.

With all this bullshit going on I must be going to the wrong parties.

I'm going back to my home planet.
There's too much drama here.

You couldn't have spent an extra $.50 and gotten the $2.00 perfume?

Sorry, I don't remember what you said, I started courting how many times you were clearing your throat.

Are you sure you're human?

Yes this is America and I speak English. Why don't you?

Yes, my family is dysfunctional and I'm not sharing. I don't want to know want your dysfunction is.

Oh did I say that out loud? I thought I was thinking it.

Until next time just say it.

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