Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stupid people and the weekend

The weekend was good. We went to the Crusin Nite and saw all the old cars. We go a lot on Fridays. It is in out little downtown area. I love seeing all the old cars.

Saturday we hung out at home since it was still unbearable out with the heat. I did work on the bachelorette invites. Which was a pain because the matron of honor wanted them out this weekend and kept wanting changes. I have done so many of them that it was driving me nuts. I almost told her then you do them. It was like she didn't trust me and didn't want any input from me. Oh well. Funny part is that she wanted the RSVP for August 1 and the party isn't until September 20. Not to mention I don't think the shower invites have been sent out and the shower is the August 25. This is one wedding where I have done so little for it and was a bridesmaid.

Sunday we went to the Renaissance Faire. We always have a blast there. Plus there a always a few people to laugh at that wear something that they shouldn't be. I'm always amaze at people who where things where their fat is hanging out. The acts are always great too. We always make sure we see our favs and they remember us.

Until next time stay cool.

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