Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gold Canyon Candle convention

So I decided I was going to go to the Gold Canyon Candle convention. It is in Phoenix Az. I figured since I am an independent fragrance consultant I should go. Plus the fact I want out of my full time job. So with all these heat waves I'm thinking am I nuts. I have been watching the temps down there and it has been around 108 for like ever. Granted I live in the Chicago land area we can get down to -108. Ok a little over kill but it gets cold here.

I'm thinking I need to buy some very skinny outfits to wear so I don't melt. Of course after being there for 5 minutes I may be a puddle of liquid.

Maybe by the time I leave on August 1st some fluke cold front will come through. I'm not counting on it because it's Phoenix not Chicago. At least here I know it can snow anytime.

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