Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Take this you grammar police

Yes, we all make grammar mistakes.  For me if I'm writing a professional paper I will proofread and edit until all the mistakes are fixed.  But to this grammar police who feel it's ok to correct everything little thing I have 3 words. GET OVER IT!! Below is a perfect example where my misspelled word was found as funny and was not corrected by my 5th grade teacher. In fact she made a joke in the comments.

I'm looking for new shoes to watch. What's goood? And go.
Renee Kempiak Marotto I like to watch flip flops. They're my favorite, really. It's a bummer when winter comes around and I can't wear them anymore because then I don't get to watch others wear them either. Sigh....
Nicole Weilandt I love you!!! Smartass.
Renee Kempiak Marotto Right back at you 
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Kelly Fleck
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Kelly Fleck My stupid typos shows.
Renee Kempiak Marotto I love being a smartass sometimes 
Kelly Fleck I just laugh at my typos. Jeanne Nickell Tobie do you miss rhem
Renee Kempiak Marotto So do I! I've had some real doozy's lol!
Kelly Fleck I chalk it up to my sparkling and witty personality.
Renee Kempiak Marotto Yes indeed!! Sorry I don't have any real shows to share with you. I watch reruns of Friends constantly, so I don't branch out too much lol!
Kelly Fleck
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Kizi Duffy Lol!! The shoes comment made my night. Mine are the same ole. Walking Dead, Greys Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Fear the Walking Dead, Talking Dead, The Affair, Homeland, Bones and The View. That's about all I watch.
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Kizi Duffy Oh and The Voice.
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Jenn Sennett There a few new shows starting I will be trying out... on abc,nbc and cbs
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Jean Walsh I don't usually watch shoes, I'd rather go barefoot
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Genevieve Victoria Dancing with the stars!
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Jessica Best You can always watch my shoes, they're so pretty
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Felicia Ratajczyk Omg Renee Kempiak Marotto! I'm dying over here. I think I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.
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