Friday, September 9, 2016

2 teenagers, 1 43 year old , 2 elderly people.and Victoria's Secret

Nothing beats a day shopping with teenagers and the elderly.  A few years back my cousin texted me to see if I could take her 15 year old son (Michael) and her 91 year old great aunt shopping (Aunt Betty).  I was like sure.  So her 13 year old daughter (Marissa) and 89 year old grandma (Elaine) wanted to go to lunch with us.  I sat there was like what the heck, how is it that I the kid less wonder, gets into this position.  

I get to the house and they are trying to figure were to eatThree of them wanted Dapper’s while Marissa wanted Jimmy Johns.  My solution was to get Jimmy Johns for Marissa and put it in my purse and bring it into Dapper’s.  Not the best option, since the old people were talking about it as loud as they could.  Elaine then proceeds to talk about how she’s going shopping with us and Marissa is like I’m staying home and Elaine is like you are not staying home alone, even though we assured Elaine that Marissa does stay home by herself.  Well Elaine is like “I am 89 years old and I can go shopping if I want too and we are not leaving Marissa alone.”  I was like I am not going to take you shopping because your daughter, my aunt will be grounding me and I will be the first middle aged person to be grounded.  Needless to say she makes Marissa call my aunt/her grandma and we get the ok to take her to the mall.

Elaine, Marissa, and I spilt from Michael and Aunt Betty.  After a little bit of shopping we sit down near Victoria’s Secret so we can have Elaine rest.  We sit for about 15 minutes and Elaine stands up and says “I am going to Victoria Secret to find me something sexy to wear.” Marissa and I look at each other and at the other people near us and we just start laughing.  About 10 minutes go by and Marissa goes to check on Elaine.  She walks out with a look of fear and laughter, while shaking her head.  She looks at and says “She’s looking at thongs!”  I come back with “Does she even know what a thong is and she is gonna buy one for her 91 year old sister?”

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