Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh, you offended. I'm not sorry.

So it offends you when people say Merry Christmas. Maybe you should wear a sign saying that you don't like it. I think that you should also wear a shirt with a list of things that also offend you so that no one will talk to you.  I'm mean really we are not mind readers so how the chili butt am I suppose to know what offends you.  I for one avoid places where I could be offended. Oh like an operating room. Wait that just grosses me out.  All that blood and metal. It gives me the willies.

So put your adult pants on and move on. Get over it. You live in the land of the free so suck it up or move to Cuba or maybe an isolated island. Those places you can't just say anything or you can make your own rules. 

There is Christ in Christmas so move on. It was there way before you were even thought of. As far as I know it's been around for 2000 plus years. Good luck finding a place on this planet where people don't say it. 

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