Thursday, December 5, 2013

Babysitting a 4.5 month old and doing a vendor event at night = hot mess

I thought it was a wonderful idea to sign up for a vendor event at night with the candles. Normally not a bad idea. But I babysit a 4.5 month old. Anybody who thinks taking care of a bay is easy is oh so wrong.  I don't know how parents of it. It takes me 12 hours to get out of the house with the baby I watch. 

I look at it like this. There are 3 stages:needy, hot messes, and fun. Needy are the babies. They need everything done for them, like feeding them and changing them. Then there are the hot messes, ages 3 to about 8. They still need their food cut, faces willed after eating(because they leave stuff when they do it), and they still need their butts wiped on occasion.   Not to mention the melt downs they have.  Then theirs the fun stage. Anything after the age of 10 or so. You can actually do fun things and not worry about cutting food or wiping faces. You just have to feed them. 

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