Sunday, February 24, 2013

I lost my memory at 42

I always come up with great ideas to write about. But I usually at work on the phone when I think of it. Do I write it down? Nope I think I'll remember it. Guess what? That's right. I don't. Ok most of the time I don't. On occasion I do remember later on like on the car ride home, Then I cannot remember it when I go to blog or write about it.

What I need is to use Siri to get it all down on the car ride home. I'm sure she can get it into my blog or my word document. It cannot be that hard. Oh wait she cannot not even understand me when I say call Craig. Most of the time it comes up call Laura. Really those names are just so close, Its a good thing that the voice thing in my car is better or who knows where I would end up when I ask it to search for warms places. I'd probably end up with Santa in the North Pole.

But really I cannot be the only 42 year old with a bad short term memory. I can remember a whole but of useless crap from my childhood that my cousins and brother do not remember. Like who sat on their glasses on a camping trip or who was dancing on the picnic table during a storm while camping.

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