Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Gold Rush of Gold Canyon Candles

This past weekend I spent in Phoenix, AZ at the Gold Canyon Candle convention. I learned so much and realized I want to really make a go of this business.

The home office really made it fun. From the gold rush casino night to the awards night to the new product launch. It may have been hot in Phoenix but none of us noticed because we were having so much learning and being motivated.

I really love the product. The candles are wonderful. I can work my own hours and schedule parties or meet with others interesting in a rewarding career of a Gold Canyon Candle Independent Fragrance Consultant.

There were a lot of great speakers from Tory Johnson and Mike Schlappi. Mike was the one that really motivated me. He was shot by a friend when he was about 15 and never walked again. His saying was "I got shot. What's your problem?". He did have his bad days but he pulled through and has a wonderful family and is a motivational speaker.

Until next time keep in mind Mike' saying when something isn't going right. I know I will.


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