Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bridal party games are a pain

Yep I said it. Bridal party games are a pain. You first have to think of one. Get what you need for it. In this case it was bridal bingo. I printed the cards which I found online. Then bought all my crappy pens with me to put out for people to fill in the cards. Of course I had to not only put the opened presents back on the table I had to give out the prizes.

I never think they are fun when I'm sitting there. I'd rather be taking or eating. This time I didn't play because I'm a bridesmaid. Yep. Found a way out of the game. At least I walked off with some of the bride and grooms loot. They got some doubles so they won't notice.

There was no drama to speak of which is good. But it made for a boring shower. I'm used to something happening. But it's usually funny. Like finding a broken toaster.

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