Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Restroom etiquette

One day a note showed up in all the bathroom stalls at work. I thought really people do have enough common sense for anything on this list. Are their bathrooms at home really that dirty or are they just too lazy to pick up after themselves.

One thing is throwing out your feminine products. Is it really too hard to put them in the containers in the stalls or carry them out to the garbage? All females that use the bathroom are fully aware of what other women go through. Is it too embarrassing for someone to deal with that they turn lazy?

Not only that but how hard is it to pick up a peace of toilet paper or paper towel that falls to the ground. Just because there is someone who gets paid to clean the restroom does not mean they have to pick up the stuff that you drop. So get off of your lazy butt and pick up after yourself in the restroom or anywhere else for that matter.

Just because you do not want to deal with your dirty tampon doesn't mean anyone else does. I know I do not want to deal with your stuff. I do not even deal with mine thanks to a medical issue that required surgery. So look at that no more tampon for me and it is pure heaven.

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  1. One thing not mentioned is flushing. Hello some common sense here people. It seems like that was left off and since it was people think they don't need too.