Monday, February 20, 2012

Positive, negative need to get it out

People just need to get a clue. I am human and I do my best at my job. But when they keep giving me more and more work and when I speak up I'm told that my best isn't good enough. They then start listening when others complain and then realize they gave me too much work.

In their minds good work gets you more work. Hello. Look where the extra work go me, in a big deep hole. This is why I need to get out and do something I truly enjoy.

So I will keep on doing what I can and keep looking for something else. I do not like all drama and negativity but I realize that it is a part of life. I will deal with it as long as I can.

I feel a little better getting it out. Therapy sessions also help. All in time until I am happy as a clam.

Positive things
I have volunteer work this week.
I was able to take pictures this weekend.
I found a photo contest to enter.

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