Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Being a teenager I always thought being an adult would be so much fun. Who knew about all the responsibilities that came with it. All the bills, maintenance on the house and car, all the cleaning. Not to mention the work thing. Oh and the biggie, children. I didn't have kids but I don't think I can imagine all that goes with that. I mean I have had my niece and nephew before overnight and boy was I wreck. I didn't sleep because I was worried about them. Did I mention they are 3 and 5?

Everybody says it is different when they are their own. Really does the worrying ever stop? I know what I was like as a teenager and if I had a kid I'd be following that kid around all the time or installing a GPS unit on them. I guess that's why I didn't have any.

If I knew then what I know now I am not sure I would have become so responsible. But I guess that comes with growing up. It still sucks big time. I loved the summer vacations and breaks during the school year. Maybe if they did that with jobs the workplace would be a happier place. Two weeks a year does not cut it that is for sure.

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