Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Boycotting the Oscars

With all the talk of boycotting the Oscars, I thought I’d join in. I figure since I am a short, middle-aged, overweight, blue eyed woman that I would boycott too. I mean why not, I’m not nominated at all for anything, not even for my blonde hair being an extra in my life. Which is very exciting with all the work in the sky I do with the fish and worms. Not to mention all the movies I make on Pluto.

Not to mention Billy Bob and Yoda making a movie this past month and I directed and produced it. It was a short movie with them on the beach enjoying the water and sand. They frolicked and played all day before going back to the Mars space station that’s in the ocean. It going to be a classic movie 25 years from now and they will have reunions for years and years. Currently the movie is only available on my iPhone. They are shy creatures and only want it viewed once a year.

So until I get nominated for one of my Billy Bob and Yoda short films or for being myself in my own life, I’m boycotting going to any space award shows or any award show for that matter. Who am I kidding? I don’t need an award to let me know I’m blonde. I can see it every day in the mirror. Some days it’s a good looking award other days it’s kind of scary since the hair tends to stand straight up in the morning.

Until next time, later peeps.

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