Sunday, January 31, 2016

Antique flea markets

Today I'm at an antique flea market. I have a booth that was given to me by my Tastefully Simple upline. She couldn't do it so she passed it on. So I packed up what I was going to take and put it aside. Then I got to thinking that I could sell some of my "junk". Now I use the word junk in a good way. Because not all junk is really junk when it's someone else's treasure. 

So I set up my booth and almost immediately I start selling my junk. Someone asked about an old the thermometer that I had and I said $3. She was like oh no it's worth more than that. I'll pay $10. I'm sitting there thinking that's not the way this works. You pay what I ask for or ask if I'll take lower. Not ask if I'll take more. So I was like ok I'll take your $10. Heck I got it for free, so see ya thermometer and hello money. 

The people that come though are definitely interesting. I love dealing with them and I always end up with some weird crazy story. There's still an hour left so let's see what happens. 

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